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So soft

Perfect, I love them!

Pads for daughter

My l daughter has just started her period she 11. She is quite sensitive so I wanted something comfortable and soft. Safe to say she loved them and the designs

Great Product

They are comfy and good at night as they are soft as well as long so they give you better protection than disposable pads.

Reusable Sanitary Pad Set
Jennifer Hanlon
Perfect solution to my problem…

Brilliant…recently I have had a gynae op. Pre op I used my Minksie pads for protection. Post op I had a period of incontinence and they were perfect for that job. I love the fact that they were so soft for healing, comfort and safety. Perfect solution to my problem and so easy to wash and dry too. 💯 happy with them

Great Little Bag

So pleased with my mini dry storage/wet bag just what I needed to store my reusable pads. The bag holds 6 or 7 medium pads comfortably, and works exactly as described. Very happy with my purchase and the reasonable price, would definitely recommend to others. Thanks Minksie

Bamboo excellent

Great value, comfortable n silky to wear, feel more hygienic n saving the environment.
Love the patterns n styles..
Will defo recommend too my girly friends.

Properly tried and tested now

I took advantage of the offer by setting up a starter pack for my daughter. I ordered myself 2 heavy ones too. No leakages, I had read comments on a post and went with the tightest popper. Felt comfortable and secure the whole time

I wish I'd bought them sooner.

Ever since I've had my youngest, I've struggled with leakage every time I get my period. With these I've got peace of mind now every month, they're really comfortable and they wash and dry really well, and don't stain. I'm so glad I discovered them! Thank you minksie.

So happy with the pads

They’re perfect! Lovely and soft. They wash wonderfully and have a cute design. They arrived so quickly too. Would definitely recommend.

Really happy they are so comfortable 🥰

Could be better

I really wanted to love these as I struggle with tampons and conventional towels as they irritate my skin, these don't at all!. They are very nice and soft and are very absorbent. The biggest issue I have is the amount of movement in the underwear, the move up, down and have even had them move side to side. I also did have to treat my pads with vanish as the marks did not come out with a normal wash. I sadly will not be buying any more.

So far so good

I’ve since ordered more, but only had the one to rate so far. Held up well :)

Soft fabric

I like the softness and comfort against the skin of the pad, the cute design and the length. It wasn't as absorbent as I would like and it is quite a narrow fit. I think the one I received was for medium flow so the heavy flow may suit me better. All in all a wonderful product which saves waste and the expense of the repeated buying of paper products.

Free Trial - Minksie Reusable Sanitary Pads


Thank you for quick, friendly service and a great product.

Great product!

Very effective, love that it’s reusable. Will likely buy more in the future

Love them thank you so much they are much better than disposable ones.

I like it …

Thank you for sample but I don't think I be willing to use it. Couldn't get over to wash it and find it not as comfy as tampons etc. So its a no for me .

Really do work!

These really do work! I must admit, I was a little bit sceptical about how easy it would be to launder them, but hand washing was absolutely a cinch. 10/10 product.

Feel just like pants

Love the fact it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a pad.. easy to wear and wash

Great Addition

Have previously bought a set of longer pads and loved them. This was a great addition with the new matching small wet bag and smaller pads for lighter days. Smaller pads were a bit trickier to position properly as they moved around a bit more on me at first, but a bit of trial and error was worth it to keep using them. Fully prepared now!

Not yet tried but excited!

Weird Im actually excited for my period just to try these ! So soft and can tell they are going to be great :) so happy with the print i got too !

One Very Happy Family

My Granddaughter has been using Minksie pads for her periods for nearly a year after I tried them for bladder weakness and they were no good for me, so I passed them to her and she loves them (heavy flow type) and she hasn’t used anything else since she first tried them. My daughter who has a very heavy flow uses a cup and was going on a working holiday, so needed a back up in case she flooded. I treated her to one set of three pads in a starter kit and my other two granddaughters to two sets of starter kits each as they were on a 50% off offer. My daughter wore a pad on her 8 hour coach journey, as a back up to her cup, and was so glad she did as the worst happened, but she was dry and secure even though she had flooded. She wore Minksie pads as a back up for the rest of her period as she was doing a lot of manual work and was glad she had them after a few overflows of her cup. She can’t wear normal towels or period pants as they make her very sore but she was fine with Minksie heavy flow pads. She phoned me to tell me how pleased and surprised she was as to how absorbent and comfortable they were, and how easy they were to care for even though she is off grid on a farm with no running water or electricity in her caravan. My youngest granddaughter is probably going to start her periods very soon, so I got hers so she can start her period journey using Minksie pads, she has put some in the bottom of her bag just in case. Their family of four women are now all using reusable Minksie pads and are pleased with how they perform, that they are comfortable, and that they are easy to wash and dry.

Amazing !!

Always wanted to try reusable! I mean all of us are curious! They are so comfy! I’m going to buy many more - will never go back !