Washable bamboo medium flow Sanitary pads
Washable bamboo medium flow Sanitary pads folded
Washable bamboo medium flow product review
Washable bamboo medium flow Sanitary pads in cactus pattern
Washable bamboo medium flow Sanitary pads in panda pattern
Washable bamboo medium flow Sanitary pad in rainbow pattern
Bamboo Sanitary Pad Regular/Medium
Bamboo Sanitary Pad Regular/Medium
Bamboo Sanitary Pad Regular/Medium

Bamboo Sanitary Pad Regular/Medium

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  • Super Absorbent and leak proof
  • Bamboo Fibre is healthier & has anti-bacterial properties
  • Up to 12 hours per wear for up to 15 years
  • Easily to washable and reusable
  • Secured with poppers (2 levels for adjustable surface area).
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Why use our Washable Sanitary pads?

"These washable pads are great, they are super absorbent, don't make you sweat, have fab designs. Not had any leaks and they don't show through clothes." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - JO., Minksie Customer

 Washable Sanitary Pad for Regular Flow

Our cloth sanitary pads are made from sustainable and odourless bamboo charcoal fibres, our reusable pads are perfect for menstrual periods, urinary incontinence, pregnancy and postpartum.  Our environmentally sourced bamboo charcoal includes antibacterial features, so you won't experience any itching, sweating or funny smells!

Make the switch today, and enjoy a healthier, cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative.

Don't forget!😲

If you are buying you first pad or pads, you might want a DRY BAG to store your used or clean washable sanitary pads in to go with it, or you may even prefer to start with our STARTER KIT that has everything you need to get you going.

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    How to care for your reusable bamboo sanitary pads

    Minksie reusable, sustainable sanitary pads

    The days of fearing a rogue adhesive wing are over, and now you can lounge in the luxury of our soft sanitary pads!

    Here at Minksie we’re passionate about protecting the environment, and we’re so glad that you’ve taken another step in making our precious planet healthier. Below we are going to let you know why purchasing our product is so great, and how to make you pads last for as long as possible!

     How to wear your pad/s

    Place the pad inside your knickers with the pattern side down, charcoal side up facing your vagina. Press the press studs together underneath. (second press stud is recommended otherwise it can be loose and move around a lot.) If you need more guidance, check out our video on youtube at the following link: How to wear your reusable sanitary pad

    Caring For Your Reusable Menstrual Pads

    The amazing thing about your sustainably made Minksie pads is that you can use them in the same way as disposable ones. Depending on your flow you may need to change them between one to six times a day, but you’ll know when they need changing as the material will begin to feel wet against your skin.

    You can either hand wash or machine wash your pad/s.

    • If you hand wash, first rinse your pad/s in cold water to remove as much blood as possible. Depending on which you'd prefer, you can either wash it with hand wash detergent, eco egg or put a few drops of tea tree oil into the rinsing water can act as a sanitiser and keep them smelling fresh (but never apply the oil directly onto your skin) and rinse thoroughly, ensuring no blood or urine is still coming out, then squeeze and hang to dry.
    • To machine wash, you can either add in washing with other laundry, like you would your pants, if you had previously leaked through or you can wash separately. We recommend you wash on a low temp wash (20C-40C). You can either use an eco egg or detergent but make sure your detergent does not contain fabric softener as it will alter the pad's absorbency.

    Washing Detergent: You can either use an eco egg or try to avoid detergents containing bleach, zeolite, fabric softeners and more than 5% soap content. We know this is a lot to check for but it will help to extend the life of your beloved pads, and it’s better for your skin. Bio-powders are probably the best!

    Softeners: Generally, it is best not to use them! But if you think your pad needs a little softening then ½ cup of white vinegar should do the trick (you could add a few drops of essential oil too. However, oils are not great for super sensitive skin types)

    • After washing reshape the pad and leave to dry, but don’t put them in the tumble dryer as this will damage them!


    Tips and Tricks

    So that your experience with your new pads is as easy and enjoyable as possible we’ve provided a few more tips and tricks! 

    • Find a cute bag or box to store your pads in, this will make them easy to find and great to travel with- fantastic when you want to use your pads on the go!
    • Always wash your pad as soon as you have finished using it, this will minimise any risk of infection and nasty smells
    • A handy storage trick to make them as compact as possible! Fold the front and back over each other and then clip the two side wings together over the top. This will make a small square bundle that is great for fitting discreetly into a handbag if desired!
    • Wear relatively close-fitting underwear to avoid your pad moving around too much, although our pads should work with most underwear!

    We hope you think that Minksie sanitary pads are as great as we think they are! With small, but significant changes, like swapping disposable for reusable pads we hope to leave a positive influence on the planet, and not a world filled with plastic sanitary products! 

     Kind regards, 

     Lou (Owner)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 291 reviews
    So soft

    Perfect, I love them!

    Emily Foot
    Pads for daughter

    My l daughter has just started her period she 11. She is quite sensitive so I wanted something comfortable and soft. Safe to say she loved them and the designs

    Sarah Powell
    Great Product

    They are comfy and good at night as they are soft as well as long so they give you better protection than disposable pads.

    Jennifer Hanlon
    Perfect solution to my problem…

    Brilliant…recently I have had a gynae op. Pre op I used my Minksie pads for protection. Post op I had a period of incontinence and they were perfect for that job. I love the fact that they were so soft for healing, comfort and safety. Perfect solution to my problem and so easy to wash and dry too. 💯 happy with them

    Jane Platt
    Bamboo excellent

    Great value, comfortable n silky to wear, feel more hygienic n saving the environment.
    Love the patterns n styles..
    Will defo recommend too my girly friends.