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Bamboo Sanitary Pad

Eco-Friendly, washable Liners


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Organic BambooSanitary Pad Liner

Our pads consist of layers of soft bamboo and charcoal fibres which not only have anti-bacterial properties but also make them super absorbent. These Bamboo Charcoal Sanitary pads will give you years of leak-proof peace of mind. Every pad ordered will come with instructions on how to wear and care for your Bamboo Charcoal Reusable Sanitary Pads.

Bamboo sanitary pad liner in Panda pattern
Bamboo Sanitary Pads folded
How to insert your bamboo washable liner
Bamboo sanitary pad liner in Cactus pattern
Bamboo sanitary pad liner in Panda pattern
Bamboo sanitary pad liner in Rainbow pattern

Bamboo Sanitary Panty Liner

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  • Super Absorbent and leak proof
  • Bamboo Fibre is healthier & has anti-bacterial properties
  • Up to 12 hours per wear for up to 15 years
  • Easy to wash and reuse
  • Secured with poppers, 2 levels for adjustable surface area.

Why use our Washable Sanitary pads?

"These washable pads are great, they are super absorbent, don't make you sweat, have fab designs. Not had any leaks and they don't show through clothes." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - JO., Minksie Customer

 Single reusable sanitary pad

Our cloth sanitary pads are made from sustainable and odourless bamboo charcoal fibres, our reusable pads are perfect for menstrual periods, urinary incontinence, pregnancy and postpartum.  Our environmentally sourced bamboo charcoal includes antibacterial features, so you won't experience any itching, sweating or funny smells!

Make the switch today, and enjoy a healthier, cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative.

Don't forget!😲

If you are buying you first pad or pads, you might want a DRY BAG to store your used or clean washable sanitary pads in to go with it, or you may even prefer to start with our STARTER KIT that has everything you need to get you going.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 272 reviews
    Sam Birks
    Feel just like pants

    Love the fact it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a pad.. easy to wear and wash

    Debbie M
    Great Addition

    Have previously bought a set of longer pads and loved them. This was a great addition with the new matching small wet bag and smaller pads for lighter days. Smaller pads were a bit trickier to position properly as they moved around a bit more on me at first, but a bit of trial and error was worth it to keep using them. Fully prepared now!

    Isabella Godfrey
    Not yet tried but excited!

    Weird Im actually excited for my period just to try these ! So soft and can tell they are going to be great :) so happy with the print i got too !

    One Very Happy Family

    My Granddaughter has been using Minksie pads for her periods for nearly a year after I tried them for bladder weakness and they were no good for me, so I passed them to her and she loves them (heavy flow type) and she hasn’t used anything else since she first tried them. My daughter who has a very heavy flow uses a cup and was going on a working holiday, so needed a back up in case she flooded. I treated her to one set of three pads in a starter kit and my other two granddaughters to two sets of starter kits each as they were on a 50% off offer. My daughter wore a pad on her 8 hour coach journey, as a back up to her cup, and was so glad she did as the worst happened, but she was dry and secure even though she had flooded. She wore Minksie pads as a back up for the rest of her period as she was doing a lot of manual work and was glad she had them after a few overflows of her cup. She can’t wear normal towels or period pants as they make her very sore but she was fine with Minksie heavy flow pads. She phoned me to tell me how pleased and surprised she was as to how absorbent and comfortable they were, and how easy they were to care for even though she is off grid on a farm with no running water or electricity in her caravan. My youngest granddaughter is probably going to start her periods very soon, so I got hers so she can start her period journey using Minksie pads, she has put some in the bottom of her bag just in case. Their family of four women are now all using reusable Minksie pads and are pleased with how they perform, that they are comfortable, and that they are easy to wash and dry.

    Sophie Satherley
    Amazing !!

    Always wanted to try reusable! I mean all of us are curious! They are so comfy! I’m going to buy many more - will never go back !

    Don't take our word for it


    Super absorbent

    I was very impressed with my pad. It was super absorbent for heavy days and a good length, so I didn’t have to worry about leaks. Fabulous!



    Soft and absorbent and didn't move about and easy to wash.


    Reusable sanitary towels

    I was determined to start my daughter off on her no waste period journey, so far she seems happy with these!


    Standing the test of time

    I have been using these for a couple of years now for slight bladder incontinence.
    I recommend minksie to all my female friends.


    Bought these to try out, found them comfortable, easy to wear and wash well, look forward to saving money. Will buy extra at some point.



    The pattern side goes face down in your knickers and the charcoal soft side is face towards your vagina.

    If you are heavy and wearing the heavy pad, 2-3 times during the day and once for overnight. The light pad (use like a liner) shouldn't need changing during the day but maybe once if you feel it necessary. Medium - depends on how heavy you are but 2-4 times a day.

    Full wash and care instructions are included with all our first orders. We would advise a cold water rinse followed by your choice of hand wash or machine wash. The cooler the wash, the less likely staining will occur and DO NOT TUMBLE DRY as it will decrease the absorbency.