How Can Bamboo Sanitary Pads Make A Difference In Your Menstrual Health?

How Bamboo Sanitary products make a difference in your menstrual Health by Minksie

What makes Bamboo Fibre Sanitary Pads Great?

The traditional sanitary napkins found in the market takes approximately 500 years to decompose, damaging the environment with substances such as latex, dioxins, and absorbent powders, among other chemicals. While there are other ecological methods, such as the medical silicone menstrual cup that lasts up to 2 years, the best alternative for those who prefer the comfort sanitary pads are cloth ones as they are reusable and washable. 

It should be remembered that disposable sanitary towels produce a bad smell, allergies, irritation, and the possibility of forming vaginal fungi due to continuous contact with the humidity of the discharge. Tampons, meanwhile, release pesticide and bleach residues into your body. In this context, the intimate health of women and the concern about the effects of climate change are the reasons why ultra-absorbent bamboo cloth sanitary napkins are being produced in the UK. 

These washable and reusable wipes have a waterproof layer that prevents leaks and keeps the intimate area clean and dry. In addition to that, they have wings and snaps as pressure clasps so that they do not move from their place. It is super good for women who play sports or for girls who are going through their first menstruation since they are completely natural and do not have any chemicals like common wipes that can create various types of allergies. 

It should be noted here that knowing how to wash cloth pads is essential to ensure that they are clean enough to be reused. Here are the steps to use a cloth towel well: 

  • Rinse in cold water before washing them.
  • Blood is best removed in cold water (very hot water sets it) and when it is not yet dry. To ensure its cleanliness, leave it to soak and rub with a bar of soft neutral soap, and, later, it can be put in the washing machine, if possible, with an ecological detergent.
  • Avoid using bleach or softening products.
  • Let them air dry.
  • Store the used pads in a waterproof bag.

Why Should You Use Reusable Sanitary Towels Made Of Bamboo? 

Women, on average, have approximately 450 menstrual cycles throughout their lives. This makes for around 15,000 sanitary pads, costing them thousands in their lifetime. Reusable sanitary towels last up to 10 years, according to how well you care for them. 

Bamboo fabric is great for creating reusable sanitary pads. Since bamboo is a natural textile that comes from the pulp of bamboo grass, it is used to make fiber which is spun and dyed to weave it into cloth. The best thing about bamboo fabric is that it is as soft as silk, eco-friendly, and needs no fertilizers or pesticides. In fact, in the present times, bamboo fabric is the most sustainable and trendiest fabric there is in the world of fashion. It is highly absorbent and has superior wicking, making it dry quicker than cotton. Moreover, in humid and warm weather, clothes made from bamboo do not stick to our skin, keeping us cooler, drier, and much more comfortable than usual. It is also pertinent to mention here that bamboo charcoal fabric is created through the process of drying and burning bamboo plants that are five years or older at a temperature over 800˚C inside an oven. The burnt bamboo then turns into charcoal which is then turned into nanoparticles through further processing. 

The properties of bamboo charcoal are excellent as they allow it to reduce foul smells, purify water and absorb moisture. Moreover, charcoal emits electromagnetic waves that further releases infrared rays, accelerating blood circulation. Since it is more breathable and absorbent than cotton and 40% more absorbent than the finest organic cotton, it keeps you comfortable and dry while keeping moisture far away from the skin. 

Why Should You Use Bamboo Fabric For Your Menstrual Health? 

Here are some reasons why you should stick to bamboo sanitary pads for a good menstrual health!

Why should you use Bamboo fabric for your Menstrual Health

  • More Comfortable For Sensitive Skin: The best thing about bamboo fiber fabric is that it inhibits the metabolism of bacteria. It results in fewer allergies as compared to when you use pads with sterilized fibers with antimicrobial agents. Hence, you can enjoy safe and healthy skin at all times. 
  • Reduces The Buildup Of Static: Bamboo sanitary pads are made of conductive materials. Hence, they ensure a balanced fabric charge for a reduced buildup of static. 
  • Superior Deodorizing & Absorption Ability: This is one of the best things about using bamboo fabric because it has a super porous structure. Research suggests that bamboo charcoal absorbs harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, chloroform, among others that are bad for the skin. In addition to that, the carbon content in bamboo charcoal fiber is almost 96%, making it easier to absorb compounds made of sulfur and nitrogen. 
  • Infrared Radiation Properties: Bamboo charcoal contains certain metal elements like magnesium, fibers, potassium, calcium carbonized material, and fabrics that have infrared radiation properties. Once absorbed, this fabric increases cellular energy, improving and promoting body metabolism and accelerating blood circulation. 
  • Superior Durability & Washing: Finally, another great thing about bamboo charcoal fibers is that they dry fairly quickly because of the nanoparticles embedded in their fabric. Hence, you can wash them several times without affecting their charcoal qualities in the process. 


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