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Reusable Washable Sanitary Pads

During your period, who wants to deal with worrying about leaking, itchiness, yeast infections and the other uncomfortable experiences that can come from using disposable tampons and plastic sanitary pads. Here, at Minksie, we have done a lot of research to make sure we offer you the best organic bamboo cloth
sanitary pads, we possibly can.

We do our best to offer everything you need, right from the start of your period journey, through to later possible incontinence. Our Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pads contain anti-bacterial properties and go through thorough quality checks to ensure they offer superior absorption and comfort during your
menstrual cycle or to protect you from those bladder leak and oops moments. Minksie is also know for being passionate about doing our best for the environment, so all our packaging is eco-friendly.

Makethat switch to organic, Reusable Washable Sanitary Pads now and make your life more economical, comfortable, healthier, whilst saving the planet all
at once.


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