About us at Minksie ~ reusable bamboo sanitary pads

Hi, I'm Lou (CEO and Owner of Minksie),

I bought this business in early March from the previous owner and Founder.

Now, you might be wondering of the all the business, why a reusable sanitary pad business? Well, I have suffered with very heavy periods for many years. When I say heavy, I mean at bedtime wearing a super, super tampon and night time disposable pad still meant I couldn't get a decent night's sleep and I would have to get up in the night and change or risk serious leaking. So discovering these miraculous pads that were the answer to my sleepless nights. (and my daughters) Not to mention that I would be helping the planet by not using disposables, I just fell in love with the idea. 

Which then sparked loads of thoughts of other really useful products that could be added to the product collection helped make me realise what a wonderful business this could be. I could be helping loads of woman with period problems, bladder leakage (which I must admit, after natural birth to 2 children, I now suffer from) and saving the environment all in one foul swoop was too irresistible to refuse.

My attitude to customer service is, I like to imagine how I would want to be treated by a business, with honesty and quality and to be kept informed of what is happening with your orders. 

So now I own a business with a quality product, loved by our customers, that is the answer to a lot of problems and I am helping the environment.

I love feedback from customers because I love to hear what the business is doing right and wrong because if I don't know what's wrong, I can't fix it.

But hold on! Not only are these reusable menstrual pads made from a bamboo fibre... our trendy ,sustainably fashionable pad doesn't stop impressing us with its qualities there!

These pads have amazing life enhancing ,planet enhancing qualities! Bamboo fibre pads are much healthier for you than plastic pads. Some of our customers have noticed that their periods don't last as long and are sometimes a little lighter and less painful! (This is not a claim, just customer observations)

How is that even possible you wonder? Well, plastic pads contain so many chemicals that they draw more blood out of your body and therefore leave you in the position of needing to use more and more pads (A sickening marketing ploy -we know 😡 ).

With our pads, you'll only need to use between 1-3 pads per day and night maximum! So, look forward to a happy, healthier, more eco friendly life -one you didn't even know existed before you read this. 

You’re welcome! Enjoy! 😉

Minksie, reusable bamboo sanitary pads

PS Just to add to these jaw dropping revelations -we also have a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy. But -we're sure you'll be back for more! 😊.