Reusable sanitary products Q&A❓

How Many Reusable Pads Do You Recommend?

We recommend that 9 pads is the minimum that you'll initially need
for a period, assuming you'll be washing every 2-3 days, dependant on your daily flow. The more frequently you wash your pads the less you'll need. 


What Are Minksie' s Reusable Pads Made From?

Our pads are 100% vegan, eco friendly and Plastic Free. Made from a bamboo and charcoal fibre blend! We love our pads so much because unlike other brands, the fabric fibres inhibit bacterial metabolism causing fewer allergic skin reactions.

Where Are Your Materials Sourced From?

Our bamboo is sourced ethically and sustainably from all around the world. We work with knowledgeable and reputable bamboo supplier that uses techniques to cut the bamboo without harming the plant, meaning it regenerates quickly, making it our no.1 eco friendly choice.

Why Is Bamboo A Great Material For My Vagina?

Bamboo Charcoal can purify water, absorb moisture, foul smell, electro magnetic wave and release far infrared ray to accelerate blood circulation.

How Do I Wash The Reusable Sanitary Pads?

How to hand wash - Fill a bowl with cold water, rinse and squeeze your used pads thoroughly before emptying the water and adding hand wash soap. Make sure there is no blood still coming out when you rinse before air drying them.

How to machine wash - Save up all your used pads in a bag until the end of your period and then empty them all out into your washing machine, do a cold rinse cycle first and then add your usual laundry detergent (Do not use fabric softener!). Then just put the pads on a 40 degree wash and air dry them once they are done. We don't tend to recommend a tumble dry as it can reduce the life span of your pad but every now and then it should be fine! Then you are ready to go again next month…for the next 10 year or so! P.s Adding a tad bit of vanish if you have it, helps the process a little (Not a necessity though)  

Can the reusable pads be used for post partum bleeding?

Yes, you certainly can but we would definitely recommend using the Maxi Pads.

 Are The Pads Leak Proof, Or Ok For Incontinence?

The answer is of course, yes but only for bladder leakage or minor oops incidents. If you have full flow incontinence, I would advise against it.

 What Size Would You Recommend For Me?

LIGHT MINKSIE – A little pad for a little flow, perfect for little ladies or the last few days of a period. 

MEDIUM MINKSIE– A consistent, regular and healthy flow should be just fine. Lets' just say, you know what to expect and its more of a leak than a flood!

HEAVY MINKSIE– A heavy flow (more of a messy one!) , perfect for those first few days or bedtimes. 

Is Your Packaging Eco Friendly Too?

Yes, its 100% eco friendly and made from recycled materials. We either use packaging made from paper or sugar cane. (That includes any tape used)

Can I wear My Pads During Exercise Eg. Bike? 

Absolutely, in-fact they are great at absorbing sweat down there too! They don't cause any chaffing or uncomfortable rubbing, due to the ultra soft, silky feeling material. If running or walking then it may be slightly bulky to use the HEAVY Pads, but you will be absolutely fine with a LIGHT or MEDIUM. If you are riding a bike, then the MEDIUM and HEAVY sizes are perfect, due to the fact they are cushioning, we could almost call them 'shock absorbent' too! The poppers do not sit directly underneath your moo, but instead slightly behind, so you won't feel them when sitting on the bike. 

Which way up do I wear my Minksie reusable pad?

Place the pad inside your knickers with the pattern side down, charcoal/bamboo side up facing your vagina.